5 Things That Make Stuffed Animals Go Bye-Bye

Steiff_Polar_BearStuffed animals are always a pleasure to have either for sentimental or entertainment purposes. This applies to everyone regardless of age. Yes, even adults love these toys too. It’s something most of us never outgrow.

But sadly, not all things last forever. This applies to these toys too and the more we fail to take care of them properly, the faster they tend to depreciate. Surely, we wouldn’t want to say goodbye to these cuddly and furry friends, now do we?

So what can we do? What should we avoid? To make sure that our stuffed animals last long enough for us to be able to at least pass them to our offspring, here are things to avoid and keep at bay at all costs.

  1. FOOD – We may personally love food and even drinks but these toys think otherwise. Even the slightest of spills can damage them, stains being the most obvious consequence. When not immediately cleaned or washed, food can drive insects and rodents to the toy. They’d nibble and sometimes even inhabit it causing its early demise.
  2. MOISTURE – Humidity or moisture can easily destroy any stuffed animal. It encourages the growth of molds and yeast. At first, it often affects the external features particularly the fur and then it progresses to the stuffing inside. Eventually, this rots the stuffed animal. This is why the choice of storage and its location is crucial in upkeep.
  3. DUST – Apart from making them look dingy and smell funky, dust and all types of dirt will only hasten the wear and tear of these toys. They may seem harmless at first but they age the items and gradually bring them to a point where they get brittle and say adios.
  4. HEAT – Heat is one of the primary reasons why stuffed toys suffer from discoloration and why some of its parts and accessories melt or fall apart. Direct and consistent exposure to heat can damage them and it’s often human error that causes it. For instance, the use of hot or warm water when cleaning and drying and the wrong placement of storage shelving.
  5. PETS – Those seemingly cute pets aren’t exactly the tamest of creatures. Cats and dogs may be a treat for us but not to stuffed animals. Our pets can bite, scratch and tear apart these toys so it’s best that they are kept out of easy and immediate reach.

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