A Shopping Checklist for Stuffed Animals and Toys

checklistContrary to popular belief, shopping is more than just a pastime. It’s a skill and one that anybody should master by now. Unfortunately with all the temptations around, it can be particularly difficult for some people. Fret not because we’re here to help starting with this shopping checklist for .

Item # 1: Durability

Toys, even the collectible ones, should always be durable. What good is purchasing an item that’s not long lasting or would easily break in one pull? That said check the strength of the stitching and adhesives. We want them to last as long as possible and although upkeep plays a huge role, an already durable and quality made toy elevates their longevity. Besides, given that kids aren’t exactly tactile this characteristic becomes even more crucial.

Item # 2: Brand and/or Manufacturer

It’s not about paying for a name but rather for the product quality. The biggest names in the toy industry are not celebrated for nothing. Of course, this is not saying that startups or smaller toy companies are bad. They’re not. At the end of the day, purchase toys from manufacturers that you trust regardless of size or years. Looking for clues? Check customer reviews and feedback. That should give enough idea.

Item # 3: Fur and Fabric

Stuffed animals and toys often come with fur (made of mohair) or fabric. They need to be soft in texture but also sturdy in such a way that they don’t fall off or rip off easily even when pulled and especially when washed. It’s also best to check if they don’t easily fade and are not particularly sensitive to washing.

Item # 4: Design

Stuffed animals are beloved not only for their cuddliness but also because of their visual appeal. They’re cute and they come in various designs, patterns and hues. When shopping for them, make sure to choose a design that the recipient likes whether such recipients pertains to you or to somebody else.

Item # 5: Price

Stuffed animals and toys, even the best and finest of quality, should be reasonably priced. The only exemption would be those deemed as collectibles which are rare so they end up raking pretty hefty prices. Otherwise, they should be aptly priced not too cheap because that’s a red flag and not too expensive because that’s never a guarantee for quality.

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