How to Care for Your Stuffed Animals

stuffed animal toysStuffed animals are perhaps the most popular toys out there. Thousands of these furry wonders are manufactured every single day and loads of them are bought and handed out as presents to oneself, to a special someone, a friend or a relative. Their charm exceeds boundaries appealing to both kids and kids at heart regardless of gender.

Now, you’ve probably seen a number of these stuffed animal toys being handed down by parents to their children and so on and so forth. It’s nothing new as stuffed animals are in a way considered a treasure and an heirloom. However, not all of these pieces survive the decades. Those that do however are a result of proper care and maintenance.

Today, we shall dish out some tips on how to care for your stuffed animals making them last longer and looking brand new all the time.

  • Keep them stored in a dry place. Lock them away from moisture as that could lead to a build-up of molds that will eventually rot the toy away. Choose a spot or a type of storage that does not develop or encourage humidity.
  • Clean spills immediately. In the event that something has spilled onto the stuffed animal, be it food, drinks or dirt, clean immediately so as to prevent any stain from materializing. Small issues can be dealt with using a sponge or damp cloth but massive ones may need an overall wash.
  • Sew them up at once. Upon first sighting of a busted hem or any torn areas, bring out your sewing tools and fix them up stat. This shall prevent the problem from worsening itself. A small tear is easy to handle. A bigger one on the other hand may deem the toy irreparable.
  • Check for bugs regularly. Obvious signs include foul odor, weird spots, chewed on fabric and discoloration. There is still hope for stuffed animals that come infested with bugs; however, such must be attended too quickly otherwise there might not be anything left to save.
  • Schedule cleaning. Overtime, stuffed animals accumulate dirt regardless if they are for play or for display. This is why it is crucial to schedule in regular cleaning and washing. Of course, not all of them are the same so it would be wise to research and know the washing instructions first to avoid any mishaps that might damage the item.

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