How to Keep the Bugs Off Your Stuffed Animals

bug offBugs. We hate them for many reasons and we simply cannot let them be. They have to be kept away and even removed or else suffer the damage that they bring. They are a pest and that’s nothing to be questioned about. They tend to nibble at and live within the tiniest nook and crannies within our homes and even in our beloved stuffed animals. Yes you’ve read that right. So what’s there left to do? How do we remove them and how do we keep them away? We have the perfect tips for you here.

  1. Avoid contact with food. Insects love to eat and they will smell their way to it by hook or by crook. To avoid having them get into the toys, it would be wise to keep the stuffed animals away from food as much as possible. The smallest bits and pieces can leave a smell and attract the bugs.
  2. Wash food stains immediately. In the event that the inevitable has happened, clean the toy as fast as you could. The longer the food stays, the worse the stain and the more pronounced the odor will be. Small spills can be fixed with a damp cloth or sponge while more serious ones will require washing.
  3. Clean the toy regularly. Over time, the stuffed animals are going to accumulate dust, dirt, sweat and other elements that will lead to its dirty state. His thus necessitates the need for regular cleaning. Doing so not only keeps the insects away but it also helps in the care and maintenance of the toys.
  4. Provide for adequate storage. When the toys are left scattered all over the place, the more likely they are to get dirty and to get infested with bugs. To avoid that, secure and use a system of storage and organization that suits your needs and lifestyle.
  5. Re-stuff the toy. Should bugs be already breeding within the toy, your best option to save it is to remove all the stuffing and the bugs inside. To do so, first place the toy in a sealed plastic bag. Put this in the freezer for a complete day or two to kill the bugs. After which, carefully undo a small part of the hem to remove the stuffing. Throw that away and wash the rest of the toy making sure that it is clean and that all bugs and insects have been removed. Dry it and put in new stuffing. Sew back up and the stuffed animals will look brand new.

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