Stuffed Animals and 5 Adjectives that Define Them

cuddly stuffed animalStuffed animals or stuffed toys have been around for a while now, more than a century to be exact after the German brand Steiff started manufacturing them in 1880. Its founder Margarete realized that the pin cushions she designed to look like elephants became more popular among children than among seamstresses and tailors. And after that as they say is history.

But even with the advent of more modern toys and gadgets, stuffed animals continue to exude an undying charm that’s timeless and beyond magical. They continue to pile up inside nursery rooms and even shelf collections. They’re undoubtedly a favorite among children and kids at heart.

We asked around to gather the reasons why these toys continue to rank high in demand and below are only some of the reasons we got… in adjectives.

  1. They’re cute. – Adorable, charming, darling, loveable, sweet, appealing and delightful are only a few other words that people describe them with. These furry toys come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs and even so, they still manage to share one specific adjective and that’s cute. They are endearingly attractive to the point that they tug at your heartstrings and you could no longer do anything but reach out for them.
  2. They’re timeless. – When taken cared of right, stuffed animals last long. In fact, many of them can stand for years and decades. How many of us have received or have given these toys out as a form of inheritance or heirloom to our siblings or even children. A lot, that’s what. Moreover, many pieces are considered vintage collectibles and are hot on the eyes of collectors in auction houses and trading sites.
  3. They’re huggable. – They’re so soft and fluffy so it’s no surprise why people would want to touch, pat and hug them to their heart’s desires. They are pleasant to hold because of they are soft, warm and as mentioned earlier, endearingly attractive. What’s there not to love?
  4. They’re uplifting. – These pieces evoke happiness and warm emotions which is why it’s not a surprise why they help in terms of anxiety, depression and even trauma in both children ad adults.
  5. They’re rare. – Not all stuffed animals are rare but some are as mentioned previously. These are called vintage toys or limited edition pieces that are more for display than play. Not everyone has them and they come with a hefty price. So what?

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