Why Limited Edition Teddy Bears are All the Rage

The world is not new to collections. We’ve known at least one or two of these so-called hoarders and they can amass a number of different things from something as common as shoes and bags to those that come pretty hefty like cars and paintings. But would you believe that toys like limited edition teddy bears are all the rage too? Yes, you’ve read that right and here are some of the reasons why.

  1. They’ve got history written all over them.

There are two types of collectibles: vintage and limited edition. In some rare cases it can even be a combination of both. Vintage teddies for one are so in demand and sought after because they are considered antiques. Time has written itself in them and that in itself screams mystery and interest combined.

  1. They’re rare and therefore one or a few of a kind.

Some of these collectible bears can come in a few pieces while there are those that stand alone as the only available item of its kind. The exclusivity that they bring scratches a particular itch that most people have. We all tend to have a fascination for things that not everyone can amass, even toys.

  1. Their previous owners were quite the celebrity.

We don’t mean celebrity to exclusively point out to actors but to a wide group of significant and noteworthy individuals. Many of these collectibles were previously owned by monarchs, poets, painters, war survivors and other individuals in history who have given a significant contribution to the world in their own ways.

  1. World's Most Expensive - $2,1 Million Steiff’s Louis Vuitton BearThey’re a collaboration among powerhouses.

There are quite a number of collectible teddy bears that were born out of the collaboration among two or more powerhouse brands. One clear example to this would have to be that of the toy considered as the most expensive teddy of all time. The Steiff Louis Vuitton bear fetched $2.1 million in a 2000 Monaco auction and the record has not been broken since. It was a collaborative effort between the infamous fashion house and the first plush toy company in the world. At present, it is preserved and displayed in Jeju Island Korea’s Teddy Bear Museum.

  1. They’re simply charming.

Admit it or not but we can’t deny the fact that collectible teddy bears are downright cute. They’re adorable, huggable and undoubtedly endearing. There’s a certain enigma that draws people to these toys. Yes, as simple as that.

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